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Your Divorce Advocate We   understand   the   stress   of   a   family   separation.   Not   only   will   we   in   our   role   as   an   accounting   firm   provide   deeply   discounted   fees during   the   period   August   1,   2016   through   December   31,   2016,   but   will   also   use   our   25   years   of   experience   in   assisting   businesses, individuals   and   organizations   in   resolving   conflict   in   the   most   peaceful   and   painless   manner   possible.   Our   services   are   not   legal services. Our family separation related services include. 1. Tax issues: Division of dependency exemptions Division of tax attributes such as losses Injured Spouse Allocations Filing Jointly Versus Married Filing Separately Tax Effect of Distributing Pensions Tax Effect of Divorce Settlements 2. Business Issues Valuing Businesses as your advocate Identifying additional income and personal expenses 3. Support of Your Attorney, Including Forensic Accounting: Preparation of Financial Affidavits Asset Tracing Marital Dissipation Analysis Income Determination Equitable Distribution Computations 4. Support of Court Matters - When Unavoidable Testimony Preparation of Court Documents Assistance in Discovery of Documents
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